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Re: NX Ranks and crew occupations

Here's the crew manning scheme I came up with for a Starfleet vessel of a similar size to the NX-01. Now, this was set in the late TOS-Movie era, and assums a bit more automation than we see with NX-01 (i.e. no chef, the food comes from the wall-slots, etc.). Anyway, I think this could be modified to suit the needs of the OP quite easily, and anyone inclined should feel free to do so.

I hope this is helpful.

This is my proposal for the manning on an Akula sub-class PA as described in “Ships of the Star Fleet Volume Two”. That book describes a crew composition of 7 officers and 68 enlisted personnel. I have further broken down the enlisted crew to consist of 1 SCPO, 3 CPOs, 28 Pos, and 36 junior enlisted personnel. The book also describes the CO of a PA as being a Lieutenant commander (O-4) or a senior Lieutenant (O-3). Enlisted grades are as follows:

SCPO = E-8
CPO = E-7
PO = grades E-4 through E-6
Junior enlisted are grades E-1 through E-3.

Commanding Officer (Lcdr. Or Lt.)
Executive/Strategic Officer (Lt.) [see Note 1]
Navigation Officer (Ens. Or Lt(jg).)
Coxswain (SCPO) [Note 2]
Flight Controllers (x5) (all PO) [Note 3]
Yeoman (junior enlisted)

Chief Engineer (Lt(jg). Or Lt.)
Warp Propulsion Specialists (x3) (1 CPO, 2 PO)
Impulse Propulsion Specialist (x3) (1 PO, 2 enl)
Power Distribution Specialists (x3) (1 PO, 2 enl)
Computer/Auxiliary Systems Spec. (x3) (1 PO, 2 enl) [Note 4]
Transporter Specialists (x3) (3 PO)

Tactical/Weapons Officer (Lt.) [Note 5]
Fire Control specialists (x3) (1 PO, 2 enl) [Note 6]
Defense Systems Specialists (x3) (1 PO, 2 enl) [Note 7]
Phaser Systems Technicians (x3) (1 PO, 2 enl)
Torpedo Specialists (x6) (2 PO, 4 enl)
Security Specialists (x6) (1 PO, 5 enl) [Note 8]

Medical Officer (Lt(jg).) [Note 9]
Medical Technicians (x4) (1 CPO, 3 PO)

Operations Officer (Lt(jg).) [Note 10]
Intel/Ops Specialists (x12) (1 CPO, 2 PO, 9 enl) [Note 11]
Communications Tech. (x3) (1 PO, 2 enl)

Sciences/Sensor Tech. (x6) (3 PO, 3 enl) [Note 12]

Note 1 – Quarters shown in deckplans for “Strategic Officer” look to be for a senior officer, so I doubled this position with that of the XO.

Note 2 – The coxswain is the de facto Chief Helmsman. Also serves as the senior enlisted person aboard ship (see “Chief of the Boat” in current USN submarine service).

Note 3 – With the Coxswain, are responsible for maneuvering and navigation of the ship.

Note 4 – Responsible for maintenance of computer systems and general diagnostic engineering of other systems. Damage control when needed.

Note 5 – also indicated as having larger quarters, assumed to be third in command.

Note 6 – these personnel man the Weapon Systems station on the bridge.

Note 7 – These personnel man the Defensive systems station on the bridge.

Note 8 – Internal Security and boarding parties during Border/Customs assignments. Damage control as necessary.

Note 9 – May double as Science officer when necessary.

Note 10 – Oversees the general operations of the vessel, and command of the CIC on Deck 2.

Note 11 – these personnel man the CIC on Deck 2. three per shift in normal conditions, six in alternating shifts during combat.

Note 12 – In addition to manning the Science Station on the bridge, these personnel are responsible for the maintenance, launch, and recovery of the intelligence drones and sensor probes.
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