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Re: The curse of even Trek Films and the reboot - thought

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I just don't get the hate for Nemesis, I rank it in the top 3 or 4, I know some of the plot is a bit contrived and silly (dune buggy sequence I'm talking to you) but the end battle is the best in all 12 films for me, and I enjoyed quite a lot of the character moments - the wedding in particular. I rank it alongside First Contact
For me just about everything in NEM is contrived badly. Picard BREAKS HIS PHASER RIFLE on one bad guy, making this tough field weapon unusable, then his 24th century holster -- which doesn't even have the secure functionality of a berns-martin triple drawer holster circa 1956 -- allows his other phaser to fall out and be left on the deck. Moments later, we have him able to rip a stanchion off the wall to conveniently impale min-whoosis. THAT'S ALL JUST IN THE SPAN OF A MINUTE OR TWO!

If the movie had been working on ANY thrusters, I wouldn't have been distracted by all of this till later, but the fact I noticed this all as it happened first run is a pretty marvelous indicator of the script's failings -- no surprise there -- and especially Baird's.
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