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Re: The most mediocre episode?

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as much as I absoluely love Voyager I think most of the first two and a half seasons were meh.

and I really don't get why people confuse Night with The Void? They're nothing alike. Unless you get confused by the fact that in Night tey refered to themselves as bieng in the Void. But really the two episodes have completely different plots
I can see why the would get confused.


Voyager enters a region with no stars

"The Void"

Voyager is sucked into a region with no stars

You could almost swap the titles around and it would make no difference.
well no, in Night they're just in an area where the light from the stars are blocked. In The Void they are sucked into an entity that has nothing in it but other ships that got sucked in. They are nohing alike
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