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Re: Rewatching "Emissary"...

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I felt bad for Picard at the beginning, too, and it made me even dislike Sisko for a short time, but after some episodes I decided that I like him after all.

And Sisko's reaction was understandable, but so was Picard's, who can't be blamed for being assimilated.
If anything, that scene made Sisko's stock with me jump considerably.

Maybe Picard isn't at fault for what happened at Wolf 359. But, Picard still acts like a dismissive, elitist asshole in the way he deals with Sisko, lecturing him about how Starfleet officers have to accept a certain amount of sacrifice while he sits in his posh lounge playing with his tea set. If anything, Sisko acts with what must be considerable restraint on his part.
So when Picard orders Riker, is he being dismissive? Do you realise that both Sisko and Riker were of the same rank at the time?

Don't let reality bite you on the arse. Superior officers in the armed forces treat juniors as they please. Just like how Admiral Nechayev beats down Picard whenever she met him. It simply is as is.
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