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Re: Rewatching "Emissary"...

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Picard earned that posh lounge and tea set with a lot of sweat and blood.
Jennifer's blood, from Sisko's POV.

It's a POV not based on the reality of Picard's lack of control over his person, but a very deep, skewed, emotionally damaged POV focused on the loss of his wife which had obviously consumed him ever since.
Yes, and Picard assumed command of the Enterprise after Wolf 359.

Erm.. you realise Picard is older and had outranked Sisko long before Sisko himself became a Captain? his "posh lounge" came from hard work. As in, well you know, years as CO of the Stargazer, in which Sisko was a teenager in Joe's kitchen or was at the Academy.

Do you actually have a point, or do actually watch the episodes?
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