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Re: STAR TREK: 100th Anniversary Edition

Stardate 2259.035 Captain's Log, USS Enterprise. Robert April commanding.

After two years on board this vessel, I have concluded my final assignment as master of this vessel, commanding our battlegroup against the Klingon at the Organia System.
Itīs seems to be fair, to bring the old Lady back to my friend Christopher Pike for a final voyage. We're heading home to Earth under Warp 7.
I'm pleased to report that ship and crew have functioned well. I heard Starfleet plans to launch a new generation of Constitution-class starships.
...somehow I doubt this will be the last ship to carry the name Enterprise.
United Space Starship Enterprise NCC 1701
Launched: 12th October 2233
A 335 meters log M/A Block II Constitution-class starship

4 Fusion/Photonic Torpedo Launcher
12 Type VI Phaser Emitter
4 Warhead Launcher aka "Puff the Magicdragon" 

Crew: 450 Crewmen 

Robert T. April         2233-2243 / 2257-2259
Charlie Rasmussen       2243-2245 (KIA)
George S. Kirk Sr.      2246-2251
Christopher Pike        2251-2257
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