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Re: Alternate history tv shows

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All these sci-fi/alternate history versions of "Adam 12" got me thinking: Anyone else think that the makers of "Predator 2" blew an opportunity by naming Kent McCord's character "Captain B. Pilgrim" (an Easter egg in itself) instead of "Captain Jim Reed" after his Adam-12 character?
Could be copyright reasons. Like how Tom Paris isn't named Nick Lacarno... Although it would have been more costly for Voyager since it wasn't a one-time deal and every episode they'd have to pay royalties to the writers.

I always thought it would have been awesome if the Dad from Family Matters was playing his Die Hard cop character Al Powell instead of Carl Winslow... but I guess that would have had them pay royalties every episode.

An episode of Chuck did let him be "Al Powell" for a guest appearance, but since it was a one-shot deal I think it would have just been a payment for that one time use.
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