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Re: How do you feel about Torchwood Miracle Day

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What's wrong with Jack's 30 seconds in The End of Time. It's obviously not long after Ianto's death and he leaves Earth, and the dying Doctor gets him to flirt with Alonso.
After Torchwood season 1, I've always felt that Doctor Who got Jack "wrong." That Doctor Who stripped him of his angst and treated him less realistically.

Tonally, the Jack of "End of Time" doesn't match the Jack of Children of Earth. He's a man who had just lost everything, and it doesn't work for me when next we see him.
Yeah, though it does seem to fit in with RTD's general story resolusion when dealing with loss.

Rose: Dad died? Don't worry just get his alt universe counterpart, never mind that he'll be a completely different bloke.

Rose: Can't have the man of your dreams? Have a clone.

Donna: Lost everything you'd become and returned to a selfish former self? Ah well have lots of money, that'll make it all right.

Jack: Sacrificed your grandson? Why not have a shag, that'll make you feel better!

Sarah Jane: sacrificed your chances of a family life? Have you considered adopting a space clone baby?

Nobody in RTD's world ever comes to terms with their loss and moves on. I've always thought it was a lousy example to set to kids, in particular in regard to Donna.
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