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Why the John Hurt Doctor is not considered to "really be" the Doctor

What theories are there on precisely why the incarnation of the Doctor played by John Hurt is disavowed and has had his very existence hidden by subsequent Doctors? He says that he had no choice in what he did, that he did it "in the name of peace and sanity", to which Eleven responds "But not in the name of the Doctor." Judging from what I've heard about the trailer shown at Comic-Con, it seems to be shaping up that the Hurt Doctor fought in the Time War, and it's been speculated that the reason he's been forgotten is his genocide of the Time Lords. But I don't think that can be it, as the Doctor has never denied what he did in the new series. I think it could be because of some other atrocity he committed in the Time War, when he was fighting on the side of Gallifrey. What do the rest of us think?
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