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Re: Would you rather?

Bad thoughts wrote: View Post
Would you rather watch-- 5 hours of These are the Voyages, Spock's Brain, Shades of Grey or The Emperor's New Cloak?
By implication, the worst Voyager episode is so bad that every other choice on the list is preferable?
I seriously considered Threshold and a few others, but too many would have been bad episode overload.

Bry_Sinclair wrote: View Post
Would you rather wear a TNG skant or one of Neelix's outfits?
Neelix's outfit. The color makes up for everything. The skant was just awful.

You're stranded on a planet with a wrecked ship. Only one thing on it works. You can only have one device.

Would you rather have;

A. A replicator that can make food, water and clothing.
B. A Holodeck generator for one companion.
C. A subspace radio
D. A Hypospray that makes you feel optimistic and happy all the time
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