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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

HoserTrek37, Thank you for your input. Not sure if I'd want to bring in the Q into this series. I realise that they are a source for a lot of material and im certainly not ruling it out but for now I believe that the Iconians would be far more interesting to use. It's quite an interesting story that wasn't really delved into much by any of the Star Trek series, once by TOS and once by DS9 but it's still quite vague.

I like the idea of them being one of the main species that dominated the milky way millenia ago but were suddenly wiped out by an even more powerful species. Not all the Iconians were wiped out and those who survived used their gateways to escape to a different galaxy. Fast forward to 2600 and a group of Iconians show up to warn the Federation of the threat of this powerful alien species returning to the Milky Way again. Or another thought would be that maybe the Iconians are evil after all and its the Iconians returning through their gateways from a distant galaxy to attack the Federation. No one does actually know if the Iconians are good or evil. Maybe even the Q were involved and it was a 3 way war between the Q, Iconians and the Purge. The Q may have been a humanoid species at some point but then found a way of ascending to another level and the Iconians were defeated. I like the story of the Iconians and their gateways and it opens up an endless list of possibilities.

Plus it could lead to flashbacks and stories set millenia ago before the human race existed which showed this massive war for control of the galaxy.

In my story I would like the captain to be a male who is mid thirties, I was thinking human but im not against the idea of him being some kind of alien either.

I like the idea of the new ship having organic components too. I think it could be a fascinating ship which would look very different to any other star ship we've seen before, I'm not too bothered about a ship that just has more powerful weapons, better shields, faster warp, I want some cool original new features for the ship which hasn't been done before.

With it being a generation class ship, it would contain many civilians and families on board as well as starfleet personnel, federation ambassadors, etc. I suppose the only problem with this is that if it was made into a fan series or tv show then the costs would be higher with all the actors, you would need a lot of recurring and guest stars in the show.

HoserTrek37, I like the idea of them finding the colony with everyone and everything mission and trying to piece the clues together, it could be the first sign that this alien species is returning to our galaxy. I like biblical connotations being used in the story, but would have to be careful not to make it like DS9. End of time? The rapture, etc.

After putting together clues they are led to some kind of ship or spacestation which is unknown in space which is creating a singularity through which this alien species can return through. The Captain orders to destroy it to stop the singularity but this ship has impenetrable shields...
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