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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I think I read on his site that he offered design ideas to them, I didn't see anything about him being hired by them.
1) What do you make of the Enterprise designers word that it's 700+ meters ?

2) What about the huge shuttlebay and "brewery" ? You can tell they won't fit into the older design.

3) What about the bridge and its window compared to the rest of the ship ? Again, it's a lot smaller compared to it.

Well if they are both the same size why is the Vengeance's bridge window big on the hull while the ISD's bridge window is tiny on the hull. Here are a couple of pictures for reference.
And you don't know exactly how large the bridge on the Vengeance is, because unlike the one on Enterprise we never got a good look at it. Your "mark" on the picture of a scale model of the ship is, again, a guesstimate by you.

I used to be passionate about stuff like this but I'm not anymore
This claim is contradicted by your behaviour in this thread.
And that's my opinion.
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