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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Like I said they are supposedly the same size but the window on the Vengeance is much larger compared to the ISD so Khan would be 50 feet tall compared to the crew on the ISD. Basically this also proves the Vengeance isn't 1500 meters because if it were that window would be very very small in that scene instead of right below the semi dome crescent shape visible on the highly accurate QMX model. We plainly see the window is a smaller than the crescent but not by a huge amount. The Vengeance is the length of the Sovereign class, it's clearly modeled after the Sovereign class as well.
You're more than welcome to think its whatever size you want it to be. I see no real evidence to question the creative team behind it anymore than I would question Matt Jefferies.

I did this just for spite, it can't hurt right.

This discussion over the size of the NuEnterprise has been going on for 4 years, there were many who doubted the new vessels size but after hearing the official size from the designers it was accepted even by those who weren't happy about it.

All the "evidence" you have posted has been done before and you have brought nothing new to the discussion whatsoever from what I can see, yet you carry on thinking we will all suddenly start agreeing with you for no other reason than because it is you saying it.

This discussion is not a competition, it is not something that can be won or lost, you wont succeed in changing anyone's mind on the matter as this was all dealt with years ago after the first film came out.

You have not posted a single piece of evidence that stands up to scrutiny nor have you responded fully when challenged by King Daniel and the rest, instead you have tried to change the subject or post stupid statements like:

"One thing is for sure, the new Enterprise is a poor design that's full of large open areas making it easy to breach the hull and wipe out large portions of the crew."

Which made me when I read it.

If your intention is to make me laugh you are most definitely doing it right, if it is to make a serious point for the forum to consider then you have failed.
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