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Re: Director Jon M. Chu Rumoured to be Front Runner for Star Trek 3.

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I would move mountains for Steven Spielberg to direct.

I would also do the dame for Brad Bird,

I would even take James Cameron as a director for Trek 2016 as long as he does not write the script.

David Yates and Peter Jackson will be cool directors for Trek as well

Am sorry to break this to you guys but it would be better if trek 2016 gets an A List critically acclaimed director.

Bryan Singer is great, he directed X2 and produced First Class , it just happens that both films are considered to be the best X-Men films. However I am not a fan of how he incorporates one sided political/social propaganda in his films.
The source material for X-Men is "one sided political/social propaganda". And there's nothing wrong with a writer or director using a film to promote their point of view.

Speaking as a huge x-men fan, who has read all the comics for 20 years. I would disagree. X-men was about tolerance and tolerance is never one sided.

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