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Re: What you DON'T want to see in Star Trek 3

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Many of the Trek films lacked romance. Asking for the Abramsverse swan-song to focus on the story isn't too much in my opinion.

maybe that is why trek could never be compete with this films in terms of pleasing a main stream audience.
Many Trek films finished in the Top 10 the year they were released. So, romance or not, they seemed to be satisfying audiences just fine.

The Riker/Troi romance didn't keep Nemesis from being beaten by Maid in Manhattan its opening weekend nor did it stop it from being slaughtered by The Lord of the Rings.

yes they did but I am talking of earnings.....even after 30 plus years, no trek film has ever beaten a star wars film in USA and in the global market. Trek makes money but it is not in the same league as star wars or LOTR

I honestly thought STiD would finally allow Trek to join the big money making club , raking in over 700 million at the global office, sadly that didn't happen.

but back to your questions, all films are always going to have romance. it just the way it is.

May I also add that maid in Manhattan and lord of the rings were better and more enjoyable than star trek nemesis which completely bored me?

Oh I also forgot to more films about a mad man who wants revenge at Kirk, Spock or the Federation.

Let will Shatner have his cameo, which may perhaps be his last onscreen time on Trek.
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