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Re: As for the Master

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Over-the-top charisma did in John Simm's performance IMO.
Over-the-top and charisma have nothing to do with each other. Simm was the very much the former, which for the most part, overpowered the latter.

If they're going to do the Master again, they should go in a different direction. Make him cold, calculating. Make him like Professor Moriarty. Make him someone who you think COULD defeat the Doctor.
Yes exactly. Benedict Cumberbatch. James Nesbitt. Richard E. Grant. Lennie James. David Warner. Gary Oldman. Derek Jacobi. Clive Owen. Heck, even Michael Caine.

Daniel Craig would kill in that.
No, he'd be miscast, flat and over his head. It'd be like casting Ray Liotta as Jafar.

And remember that he's an ACTOR and can lighten the character if required.
He's an actor, but he's a rather limited one. And yes, I've seen him in many roles outside Bond. He's good at what he does. Which is the "tough guy," generally. But he's got about as much range as the Rock, arguably less. He's dangerous, sure, but as a blunt instrument. He would make an absolutely terrible criminal mastermind. He's a thug, a troglodyte, that's all he ever plays. And that is in no way the Master.
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