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Re: Post your TrekBBS "Blasts from the Past" here!

I made this up years ago, but I don't remember ever posting it outside the Briefing Room. If I had to take a guess, I'd say we were discussing adding the show-specific forums (Doctor Who, BSG, Stargate, Lost) at the time.

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I miss TGT. Learned more from his posts than just about anybody. If he departed because of reaction to a poorly-worded or insensitive post, well, that's a damned shame.

'Cause lord knows I said my share of stupid stuff back in TNZ days.
I strongly disliked him at first for his complete disdain for anything other than the first 2 seasons of TOS but slowly got past that part. I eventually began to enjoy some of his posts (wasn't around for his comment that got him banned/made him leave).
I don't particularly miss TGT. The guy was a virulent anti-Semite. The comment about U.S. soldiers being like potato chips which cooleddie referenced paled in comparison to some of the things he frequently insinuated in TNZ. It tended to creep into some of his posts outside the Zone as well; his criticisms of TOS movies 2-6 at times seemed to have less to do with the change in style and tone from Roddenberry's TMP, and more to do with the Jewish heritage of producer Harve Bennett, writer/director Nicholas Meyer, and Shatner and Nimoy, who started to flex their muscle behind the camera during that period. I don't remember what he did specifically that got him kicked off for good, but I can guarantee it was pretty abhorrent.
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