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Re: Implications of "lifetime within hours" tech

I'll concede that it is hard to say if it is truly possible or not to use such complicated technology for recreational use, but I highly doubt it. The human mind, especially memories, are very delicate. The idea of putting an entire fictional life on top of yours and just walking away from it is laughable.

I too enjoyed "The Inner Light" but Picard just back on duty like it was nothing was dumb. I understand that TNG was during a television era when arcs weren't as prevalent and they preferred to stay episodic, but geez...

Anybody going through that trauma (or the one that O'Brien suffered) through would not just bounce back the next day or even in a few days.

If, for example, Picard woke up and found that he was in fact a nobody science officer, lieutenant junior grade ala that episode in TNG where Q pulls a "It's a Wonderful Life", what do you think Picard would do? Would he shrug off his life as captain of the ENT-D, captain of the Stargazer, etc? Or would he FIGHT to get that life back? Would he be traumatized by the fact that his life wasn't real?

Technology like this sounds nice because people are assuming you can spend that time...learning a language or a skill but how? Would you live the life of a student for a few years? Wouldn't even that short amount of time not be disorienting? I mean, maybe it wouldn't be as bad as what Picard or O'Brien went through because they had no hope of going back to their old lives. They had resigned themselves to their artificial lives. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad going through this if you KNEW you'd come out of it with only like twenty minutes of your life eaten away. But if you're "living" in an artificial reality learning a new language, I imagine you're doing more than that. At some point you need to fake eat, fake exercise, fake interact with others outside of the classroom. No matter have to build an artificial life or you'll go stir crazy.

Technology like this would be pretty creepy if you ask me. Seems like a great way to essentially tear apart a person's life. Funny this topic came up because recently I saw a science article about how scientists successfully implanted fake memories into mice. Maybe we'll see if we can do it to humans...
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