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Re: FINAL POLL - July Challenge - The Unthinkable!

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The Lensman's entry brought back memories of my sister's teen magazines with his 'giant poster book,' so I had to vote for that . I hope we never see inside ...

Thanks for the vote Ptrope! Although given that we're roughly the same age, it's strange that you'd think my entry reminded you of your sister's teen mags instead of reminding you of the actual "Giant Poster Books" published in the 70's.

These things were real, the Holy Grail (for me)was issue one since it had an awesome poster of the Enterprise (I think it was a top down shot from Tholian Web). I actually have most of these and recently almost destroyed one because the crease's were so worn that it tore verrrrrrry easily (the poster for that month was cool shot of the bridge crew from the I.S.S. Enterprise)

^This is the cover that I took my text from.^

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