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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Just a brief update on what's going on with our production:

S01-2 "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" -- About 50 edits/effects to go until it's turned over to Steve Gallant for Sound and Music and Cicada extraction. It's my hope to get 2-4 edits/effects done over the next three weeks.

S02-A "Duty Bound" -- John Northam and Kevin McCulley are working on the VFX for the first production of the second season. Steve Gallant is working on a new score. Chris Cameron is working on the closing scene of a new opening credit sequence that Rick Foxx is working on.

S02-B "Darkness" -- Virtually done.

S02-C "Second Contact" -- a little tightening on the edit, a few keys VFX from Kenneth Thompson, and she's ready to go.

S02-D "Ashes" -- Virtually done.

S02-E "Beach Towel" -- Virtually done.

S02-F "Shovel of Kahless" -- Edit complete. Needs a few VFX from Ken Thomson.

S02-G "Command Decision" -- Edit complete. Awaiting VFX.

S02-H "Just Once" -- Edit complete. Awaiting VFX.

S02-I "Closing Time" -- Virtually complete. Needs a touch of ADR and a couple of VFX tweaks.

S02-J "The Lucky One" -- Currently undergoing editing.

S03-A "We Few" -- Currently undergoing editing.

S03-B "Holding Pattern" -- Filming August 17th.

S03-1 "Callie" -- Filming this fall.

S03-C "Untitled Transporter Room Vignette" -- Filming September.

S03-2 "Between Two Worlds" -- Filming October/November.

S03-3 "The Monsters Are With Us" -- Filming December

We will also be hosting an opening house of our studios on Saturday, October 12th from 10:00am until 4:00pm in Albany, Georgia. Come take a tour of our new 2000' facility! RSVP please to Albany is 3 hours from Atlanta, 4 from Savannah and Jacksonville, 1.5 from Tallahassee and Dothan. All are welcome! No charge for admission.
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