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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

Look at it this way, Captain Kathryn. Bas Lansdorp spends tons of cash to get colonists to Mars. Once we're there, the man himself admitted that there's nothing stopping us from putting duct tape over the cameras. Where's the reality show now, hotshot? Same deal if the rockets keep blowing up. You're not going to have much of a reality show if you can't keep the colonists alive for longer than it takes to make the transit from Earth to Mars.

Look, the applicants know from the start that it's a one-way trip. We know about the reality show that's supposed to raise money to send us. Some of us don't like the idea of having cameras shoved in our faces, but that's the way it is. Bas Lansdorp is going to have some serious egg on his face and nobody will ever take a business venture of his seriously again if his lofty promises don't come to fruition. He knows it, too. I got a chance to ask him a question at a recent meetup and his answer implied that he's aware of the realities of the situation.

He gets cash, we get something that's a little more valuable than cash. And, anyway, many of the original American colonies were sponsored by private companies who expected to make a profit. And they had to have been seeing pounds go down the drain when we declared independence.
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