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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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As far as the Star Destroyer goes: whose to say it's properly scaled? We have no evidence and nothing familiar in film to compare it against.

Like I said they are supposedly the same size but the window on the Vengeance is much larger compared to the ISD so Khan would be 50 feet tall compared to the crew on the ISD. Basically this also proves the Vengeance isn't 1500 meters because if it were that window would be very very small in that scene instead of right below the semi dome crescent shape visible on the highly accurate QMX model. We plainly see the window is a smaller than the crescent but not by a huge amount. The Vengeance is the length of the Sovereign class, it's clearly modeled after the Sovereign class as well.

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I understand some folks get passionate about this stuff but I don't.
I used to be passionate about stuff like this but I'm not anymore, however when I see things that don't correspond to the officially stated size I started wondering. A lot.
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