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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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You labeled the dilithium intermix chamber on the floor of the TOS Enterprise' engineering as a tank
The dilithium chamber is in the middle assembly BETWEEN those "tanks" actually. The overriding point being whatever those tanks are in TOS (they probably aren't really tanks), is probably exactly what they are in STXI.

The image below that is also mislabeled, the "pipes" behind the grid are power transfer conduits
We don't actually know what they are, and we never did, and we never will. Mainly this is because the producers of the show never really knew what they were and thus never bothered to tell anyone.

The shuttlebay lost a bunch of it's shuttle racks in favor of the platform that scotty protested the new torpedoes on and that platform also connects to the broadside retrofit torpedo launcher area.
Incorrect. The torpedo tubes are noticeably further forward of the shuttlebay, roughly amidships and several decks down from it.

Remember, the secondary hull is almost as large as a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The "weapons bay" mentioned in the movie is likely an entirely different compartment from either the shuttle bay or the engine room.
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