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Re: What you DON'T want to see in Star Trek 3

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Bill J,

saying no romance is beyond ridiculous, Trek has always had romance...ALL FANDOMS (Star Wars, Matrix, HP, POTC, Superhero films) have all had romance. That is just is human nature. None of us would be alive today if some sort of romance didn't happen between two people.
Many of the Trek films lacked romance. Asking for the Abramsverse swan-song to focus on the story isn't too much in my opinion.

maybe that is why trek could never be compete with this films in terms of pleasing a main stream audience.

LOL....Am just mildly kidding, but common, seriously....romance is just part of human life, perhaps the most important aspect of human life. I believe this is why husband and wife or two people who are in a committed relationship are suppose to mean the most to each other.

I dint want to go off the topic on this thread, however I am keeping it real.
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