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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Rose gambled on baseball while he was actively participating. For the most part that gives the game a bad image, though there is the possibility he threw some games to win. He says otherwise, but he's denied everything so inconsistently I wouldn't believe him if he said the sky was blue.
John Dowd had damning evidence that Rose bet against the Reds. That's probably the most terrible thing you can do in baseball.

A-Rod was juicing and likely has been doing so his whole career. That also gives the game a bad image. What it also does, is inflate player statistics and effects salaries of more than those who juice. So that actively alters the results of the franchise, budgets and player statistics for years. That's why I think it's worse.
See, I don't get this. Baseball is the most up its own ass about career records and old-timey nostalgia of the four major sports in the United States (and that's a pretty big accomplishment, considering), and it's a perspective that is full of shit. Greenies -- amphetamines -- were passed around like candy in clubhouses for decades, and I don't see anyone saying Willie Mays or Roger Maris tainted the game.

Furthermore, all this furor is part of the problem. When Neifi fucking Perez gets popped for steroids, it's pretty clear proof that PEDs are not magic dinger juice. Barry Bonds did not magically learn how to hit a baseball, neither did Alex Rodriguez. By turning it into a circus, you highlight not the dangers of PEDs, but their supposed effectiveness, so High School Johnny doesn't think they're dangerous, he thinks they're effective and maybe even necessary for him as long as he doesn't get caught. This is the real problem with all this 'tainted records' and 'sanctity of the game' crap.

I'm not saying baseball shouldn't have a comprehensive and strict drug testing program -- that's what the JDA is, after all. But the hand-wringing about someone shooting Winstrol into their ass is ridiculous when it is basically empirically proven that shooting Winstrol into your ass does not magically turn you into a demigod of baseball. This is a much bigger problem that has to be addressed from the lowest levels of the sport.

The way the media (and fans, and the BBWAA) goes nuts about these things being magic dinger juice only adds to the allure for younger players. That's the real problem, not "tainted statistics."

Honestly, I think Selig's just as responsible. He's turned a blind eye to this for the last twenty years and is only now coming down hard on this when his time as commissioner is coming to an end and he's playing damage control for his legacy.
Selig definitely bears some responsibility. People knew something was up when McGwire was caught red-handed with Andro and all these guys started showing up with 20 lbs of new muscle, and even before that, Fay Vincent circulated a memo to owners in 1991 explicitly discussing steroid abuse in clubhouses and how it should not be tolerated under any circumstances. That being said, I don't think it's about his legacy -- I think this is more about putting on a show so that people like Rep. Waxman don't do useless congressional hearings about steroids in baseball again.

What I'm saying is that PED usage is a systemic issue in baseball (and all the major sports leagues), and to make Alex Rodriguez a pariah and be all "yeah fuck that guy whoooo" is missing the forest for the trees.
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