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Re: What you DON'T want to see in Star Trek 3

No rip off, re harsh, re makes or whatever you want to call it.

I want Trek 3 to be like Trek 09.

Karl urban said it best when he said the third film should be ORIGNAL . I guess it was Karl's way of saying he hated the script of STiD....LMAO

Now for the above Comments.

1. No kirk should not be destroying the Enterprise, I believe that would take his character 10 steps backwards. His character seems to have made progress in last 2 films.

AH...Speaking of Kirk, I don't want to see him having sex with two women or a crew member making a reference about how Janice Rand was another one of his conquest....(I wasn't a big fan of the Chapel reference)

2. I am neutral on the S/U romance so I will give an unfair analysis on the relationship.

I say break them up or keep them together. Dont leave them hanging in the middle. Am not sure I actually want to see a wedding either however I say this without any conflict of interest unlike you King Daniel, who perhaps may want to see kirk and spock as lovers and not friends..

If there is a wedding, I hope it would be like Anakin/padme's wedding from attack of the clones (1 minute screen time). It should not be like the twilight wedding that will be very awful.

3. As for Spock rage , I am neutral on this as well. yes Spock should and should not keep his emotions under control, Nu-Spock only has 2 hours for his character to grow and act like the Vulcan/human hybrid he is. he doesn't have 22 episodes to show he can be emotionless.

4. kirk/carol...I don't know about this one. she was the mother of kirk's child in TOS, Its only natural that there might be something between them. David will perhaps not be born in this timeline, however I cant trust Orci when it comes screen writing.

Maybe there would be some kind of plot twist were Carol will end up with Bones.

Honestly all this things are just secondary. What is most important is that trek 2016 is something NEW with good science fiction...Some fans are still angry about the Enterprise resting under the waters ....we don't need more bad science fiction.

Lastly, Considering how Trek 2016 will be after Episode 7. the film will need to prove that it cant stand on its own without Mr. JJ Abrams.

JJ ditch this film for Star Wars, like most people he chose Star Wars over Trek, Trek now needs to prove itself again.

Bill J,

saying no romance is beyond ridiculous, Trek has always had romance...ALL FANDOMS (Star Wars, Matrix, HP, POTC, Superhero films) have all had romance. That is just is human nature. None of us would be alive today if some sort of romance didn't happen between two people.

Am sure all you males fans all have girl friends, some of you are married with kids with a loving wife. how can you ask Trek not to have that at all When trek has always been about exploring the relationship between all living species.

Call me old fashion but I want Trek to have everything. action, drama, humour, friendship, romance, trust, family, loyalty....the lists goes on.

I rather see kirk and carol married than see kirk having a three way with women he probably wont even remember the next day.

(Still pissed about the Christine Chapel reference in STiD)

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