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Re: Alternate history tv shows

Well done Mistral and Silvercrest!

Tell you what, Milner and McCord sure seem to end up together in a lot of different timelines:

NBC Television Press Release, 31 August 1968:

NBC is proud to announce a new series from producer Jack Webb, set to premire on the network this fall.

"Gitmo" is a one-hour dramatic series set in the exciting world of US Marine Peacekeepers in Free Cuba. The series stars Martin Milner as Staff Sergeant Pete Malloy, and Kent McChord as his partner Corporal Jim Reed. We will follow Malloy and Reed as they patrol the streets and villages of Cuba working to ensure the ongoing freedom of the recently liberated Cuban population, and guarding against rebel communist insurgents. Webb promises a "realistic and uplifting portrayal of our fine American fighting men who serve on the vanguard of freedom".

"Gitmo" will air Tuesday nights at 8pm, 7pm Central.
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