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Re: How do you feel about Torchwood Miracle Day

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I'm not rating Torchwood as an adult drama nor am I rating SJA as a children's one. I am simply rating them as good or bad TV shows. I'm rating them on how enjoyable they are, not what message they tell or some other bull. Now as a childrens drama, you're right, SJA is marvellous in comparison to other kids shows. And Torchwood, maybe not the best example of adult sci-fi and horror. But I'm not grading them for that reason, I'm grading them on how much I enjoy them.
And the fact that you enjoy them, or don't, as you do, is a reflection of your youth and inexperience.

Actually, I'm a British 15 year old now.

Look, we just clearly have very different tastes.

So just because a show is more like classic who than modern who automatically makes it better?
No, of course it doesn't. You're my comment out of context, again displaying that you don't really understand it. My statement that Sarah Jane Adventures is more similar to the classic show in many ways than the modern show is simply a reflection of its style, not its value.

My assertion that it is unequivocally better at what it does than Torchwood is, on the other hand, is certainly about quality. When you're older, you may find your opinion of SJA changes.
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