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Re: How do you feel about Torchwood Miracle Day

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As are 99% of the opinions you express in your posts, so welcome to my world.

As an adult drama, Torchwood was broken, incompetent and subpar. As a children's show, SJA was so far above average it's insane.
I'm not rating Torchwood as an adult drama nor am I rating SJA as a children's one. I am simply rating them as good or bad TV shows. I'm rating them on how enjoyable they are, not what message they tell or some other bull. Now as a childrens drama, you're right, SJA is marvellous in comparison to other kids shows. And Torchwood, maybe not the best example of adult sci-fi and horror. But I'm not grading them for that reason, I'm grading them on how much I enjoy them.
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And that's why Sarah Jane Adventures is infinitely more watchable than Torchwood. SJA is one of the best children's shows of all time, because it treats children with intelligence and does it so well that adults get just as much out of it.
Okay, that has just got to be the most ridicules thing I've read all day. SJA was a train wreck. I remember one really good two parter which is one of the earlier ones where this friend of Sarah dies, but then something changes time so Sarah died instead. Not sure if anyone can remember that one. But that's one of the only decent SJA stories ever. The only other ones I quite like are the two with the doctor in it. Other than that, the majority of the series sucks. Torchwood is infinitely better than SJA. Plus everything looks so much cheaper on that than it did Torchwood. Everything looked like it cam straight out of the second half of doctor who series 7 (plastic Cybermen for gods sake).

Nope, SJA is not at all that good. Only has a handful of good episodes. With Torchwood, I admit I can' think of much outstanding from the top of my head (okay, how about Cyber Woman?), but the majority of episodes are watchable over and over again. SJA doesn't have that quality. Let me remind you SJA had four full series with one series with one and a half stories, and Torchwood only had two whole series, and two serial series.

Oh also, I just thought of a great episode from Miracle Day. The flashback episode (episode 7 or 8 I think) with Jack and that gay dude. I thought that episode was well written.
Spoken like an American fourteen year old. Torchwood was a prurient train wreck from day one that only ever became something decent later on -- in spite of RTD. Sarah Jane is brilliant, intelligent, fun and witty. Yeah, the SFX can be a little dodgy, but so can Doctor Who in general, and SJA is much, much more like the classic series in most every respect than anything else of the modern era of Who.

And "Cyberwoman"? Your go to for Torchwood brilliance is one of the absolute worst episodes of the series, man. Series One of Torchwood was so terrible that I haven't gone back to it since it aired. Every horrid moment is forever seered into my brain no matter how much I wish it otherwise. Whereas, Sarah Jane, I just finished watching all five seasons for the second time, and got more out of it than I did the first run through. I expect in about a year's time, I'll watch it again. And I'll happily recommend it to my friends and their kids.

It's obvious from your posts, your take on things and what you like, that you watch with your gonads and don't understand when something is truly intelligent.
Actually, I'm a British 15 year old now.

Look, we just clearly have very different tastes.

So just because a show is more like classic who than modern who automatically makes it better?
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