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Re: Bridge Ceiling / Dome

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It should have been hidden right in the middle of the saucer where it would be better protected and allow for easier and more direct access to other parts of the ship in an emergency situation.
That's how Probert initially designed the Enterprise-D. Roddenberry vetoed it, however.

(From Memory Alpha)

Gene Roddenberry asked only for two modifications to Probert's final design. He wanted to restore the bridge to its position on the top of the saucer section, which Probert had originally placed in the center of the saucer feeling "that in a ship that size, the bridge, being the center of command, should be in the center" and that "it would still have the electronic visual capabilities" with the added consideration that it would have been well protected. Roddenberry and Justman felt that the ship's defensive capabilities were able enough to protect the bridge no matter where it was placed even as exposed as it was on top of the saucer and they also wanted to allow viewers to be able to scale the rest of the ships in their minds. The other modification Roddenberry asked for was to extend the nacelles, which Probert had slanted forward in order to create the visual impression of a "lunging cat", so that they had similar proportions to the original Enterprise.
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