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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

I would imagine that most of the merchandising money Doctor Who brings in is new series stuff. The classic series DVDs certainly aren't big money-makers; they're niche material, marketed to a small, devoted group, all of whom will find out about any recovery without any need for glitzy, general-audience publicity.

I'm sure there were brief, not-heavily-promoted articles about the 2011 recoveries on a lot of general-interest news sites. That's the thing about news on the web: it's not bound by time and space constraints, so it doesn't have to ignore relatively unimportant stories. But I doubt the recoveries got anything like the blitz coverage in print and TV that a new Doctor or other big new series story does.

Even when material of great cultural import is found, it doesn't make much of a splash. The 2008 recovery of a complete print of Metropolis was arguably the biggest archival recovery ever in terms of the historical and artistic significance of what was found, but it was hardly national or world news.
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