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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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They could find every single piece of missing TV that someone somewhere wants (and at this point that's basically what some rumors are claiming), and it still wouldn't rate more than a quick "lighter side" mention on the news, because the number of people who care about any archive television is comparatively quite small. If there's been a big find, it'll be promoted heavily by archive TV organizations and websites and discussed less if at all in wider media. It certainly would never be at any risk of overshadowing word of a new Doctor.
On the flipside, Doctor Who merchandising does generate a fair bit of revenue for the BBC. If there were a dozen new DVDs suddenly available for release they'd be keen to advertise it.

I can't fully remember how big the announcements were in 2011 but I remember most news sites covered it in a standard news story, and it was on twitter a fair bit (thanks to Moffat, Levine, etc).
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