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Re: How do you feel about Torchwood Miracle Day

Torchwood series two has my favorite episodes, and lines, of the show. "I'm sorry, sir, I've googled the phrase 'I shall walk the earth and my hunger shall know no bounds,' but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers."

Children of Earth, to me, is the single greatest thing Russell T. Davies ever wrote. It's rough, it's hard, it's bold, and it's intelligent. It's not light viewing at all. But it is amazing.

Miracle Day, on the other hand, is like a parody of itself. It's trying to hard to be gritty and realistic that it's just dismal, stupid and boring. There's not enough story to carry ten episodes, and they don't do anything with the characters, really. It's absolutely pathetic, from beginning to end.
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