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ABC Wants To Develop TV Shows Based On 'Star Wars' Characters

as revealed over the weekend, you can also expect TV series based on characters from the Star Wars universe. No word yet on what characters Disney/ABC might be considering here either, so let the speculation begin.
ABC television executives are said to be planning TV shows based on characters from the Star Wars film franchise, according to the president of Disney's ABC Entertainment Group, Paul Lee.
Talking with reporters during an appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour this weekend, ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee said that ABC has “started conversations” with Lucasfilm over a potential Star Wars television series, adding “I have an inkling in my mind, but they have a lot on their plate.”

All of this remains entirely theoretical until ABC and Lucasfilm officially announce any potential partnership officially, of course.
some from wired.

so I thought this was not worthy of it's own thread since no specific news yet.
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