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Re: What is your least favourite TNG film

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Trek movies don't usually do much for the timeline, you have to admit.
I don't need a TNG movie to advance the timeline in a major way, but for a movie, there do need to be major stakes for the crew. The only thing at stake for our crew in "Insurrection" were Picard's feelings -- at least until late in the film.

I picked "Insurrection," but "Nemesis" could have been worse -- I've only seen the movie once on DVD and don't really remember much about it, other than it was garbage. "Generations" I feel had the most potential, but the entire story collapses when the character setups (Kirk desires to be out of retirement and back in the action; Picard begins to long for a life he forfeited) don't match the payoffs (nah, what Kirk really wants is a quiet retirement; Picard wants to get back in the action). Absolutely criminal writing by Moore and Braga.

It's hard to pick the worst of four stinkeroos.
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