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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

Excessive regulation is the problem. A childhood friend started a rocket company; the feds said "you can build as many as you like, but you will never launch any".

NASA is useless, because Congress won't fund much. I think this guy's right; unless he makes enough noise about how they're all gonna die up there, no politician sees any reason to fund serious space exploration (and the Moon shots and proposed Mars shots to plant a flag and bring back rocks is NOT serious). NASA probably won't have Orion ready before 2023, and it will probably not be as capable as expected, based on their track record. Remember, Congress always proxmires NASA.

Now, if this idea pans out and makes money, I'm okay with that. And if a bunch of fat, useless politicians suddenly start getting told "WTF! We can't rescue these people? Why not?", then maybe they'll finally spend enough to get something serious done - and once we have that, we'll use it to do more. And they'll add onerous, useless, petty, spiteful regulations, but then they'll find it getting in the way of the rescue their constitutents insist on, and have to remove them.

And then we can start building our economy, because we can finally open the closed loop. Then all the idiots who think we should "spend it down here and not waste it up there" will finally look as stupid as they really are.
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