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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

Lindley wrote: View Post
Depends how many people go, actually. If you have more than a handful, they might want some form of barter amongst themselves. Which has little to do with the reality TV profits, of course.
Only about 6-8 people are going for now (well, in 2023).

I majored in Anthropology...learned about a lot of early societies and how societies form. Just going off of what I have learned, I would think bartering would begin immediately if you were in a world where you had to find food, shelter, and all of that on your own. Bartering, exchanging, sharing and all of that exist immediately. If we were in a primitive society and I saw you had an apple I wanted and I had something you wanted, we would trade if we agreed on it. Our society is so structured and there was a need for compensation and a desire for freedom on what to buy. Also our society is extremely complex and global.

But I have a feeling these people...will be kept up in those little habitats and given rations. What could they forage for on a (supposedly) lifeless planet?
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