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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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The issue is less trumping the Capaldi revelation, and more wasting any missing episode announcement on people who wouldn't care. There's a reason that the 2011 returns were announced at a pre-existing missing TV event rather than becoming an event in themselves. The number of people who would react to even a sizable find with anything other than a bored "Oh, that's nice" is a fraction of those who will pay attention to big new series news.

If there's anything to announce, which I still doubt but you never know, it'll be done in comparatively low-key fashion, at Missing Believed Wiped or with an ordinary press release.
I don't know, if, IF the rumours are true not just about there being missing episodes found, but also the scale of the find then I would say that's cause for a massive announcement. In fact didn't the rumours imply it wasn't just Dr Who but other things as well thought lost? I'll be honest its hard to keep track of whats been claimed to have been found, it seems to change with every telling like Senator McCarthy's communists in the State Department. But if it is a big find thats even more reason to heavily publicise it.
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