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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

Lindley wrote: View Post
So long as some of the hypothetical millions go to the families of those left behind on Earth (since, at least at first, money won't be of much use on Mars....)
I will look into that. I am not sure if they are planning on doing that or not.

Money will be of no use on Mars. Money, in and of itself, has no intrinsic value. It is woven cloth and paper with numbers and symbols printed on it. It's only because every single person in our society chooses to recognize it's value, that it has value.

On Mars, there is quite literally NO use for money. Unless whatever mechanism they use to have that "first year of reality television" can also be used to wire money to the person's family.

Obviously, if Mars one day turns into a full-fledged society where most people will be working to earn something and will need some kind of monetary item (compensation) to trade in for physical goods, then money may become necessary. That would take hundreds of years most likely.
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