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Re: Star Trek Transporter - not practical!

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But you don't know if any of that is indeed the case. We have no idea was consciousness is. So we can't say what happens to it. And we will never be able to determine it because no one who was beamed can tell you if he's real or a copy.
As an aside, Trek tries to play both sides of the fence on this. In Enterprise the creator of the transporter strongly denies the process is cloning.

However, several episodes in TNG especially lead us to believe it is hybrid cloning because a duplicate Riker is created and they able to age and de-age people using the device to solve plot problems.

Also remember in TOS Kirk's 'essence," is reassembled from essentially nothing.

As I said earlier - if transporting is ever possible it's cloning. I don't think many people would be interested in the process for ease of travel.
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