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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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We will not. The suspension was filed under the Joint Drug Agreement, which allows for immediate appeal and the stay on suspension until the appeal is heard and decided upon (the mechanism by which guys like Braun and Melky continued to play until their appeals were heard, which took several months; MLB fired arbitrator Shyam Das after he ruled in Braun's favor aftor a lengthy process). The MLBPA has already filed that appeal. There is no possibility of Selig acting unilaterally at this point -- the process is in motion.
Indeed. It's looking like the rumor of the un-appealable "best interests of baseball" suspension was all a bluff.

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There's a huge gap between what Rose did and what A-Rod, Braun, et al., have done. More like a giant chasm.
Obviously the penalties are what they are, but how big the gap is is a matter of opinion. Rose is worse, IMO, but obstructing an investigation in order to keep cheating (if proven) is plenty bad.
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