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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I decided to give Wonder Woman a chance after only reading the first two issues back when the New 52 first started. I actually really enjoyed it. I'm caught up with the book, and its very entertaining. It also is basically a whole different WW than the JL book, which is great because she is horrible in that book (and about a foot shorter ). The WW book basically just ignores all of the outside stuff, like the Superman/WW fan fiction Johns is writing. This article had a funny quote

And Brian Azzarello told Boston that he sees Wonder Woman radically differently to the rest of DC Comics. And her comic is certainly evidence of that. When DiDio asked him how he felt about the whole Wonder Woman/Superman romance in light of the groundwork he was laying with Orion, he responded, “Clearly not the way DC feels about it.”

An apparently flustered Didio added “For those of you who missed the subtext, transcripts of Brian’s comments will be available outside.”
I thought this was a great quote. Azzarello seems about as impressed with Johns fan fiction as I am Anyway, outside of a few flaws (like horrible designs for the greek gods) the WW book is very good. Not my favorite New 52 book, but definately up there now.
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