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Re: All Trek Caption Contest 3: What's Going On Here?

TFTW, IzzyatWarp9!

Sisko: "Alright. I'll show you why your patients don't like your new little robot assistant." *presses button on control pad*
Bashir: "Urk!!"
Sisko: " turn your head and cough!"

McCoy: "Look, they only know what they've learned about us since reaching our galaxy. They know what a 'phaser' is, but they have no idea what a 'revolver' is. So...let's find us a revolver and oot-shay the uckers-fay!"

Rojan: "Are you sure about this stance? It doesn't seem very comfortable, at all."
Hanar: "Yes. 'Standing nonchalantly, arms folded across chest.' It's mentioned repeatedly in their literature."
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