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Re: Alternate history tv shows

Well, there was Sliders. It was pretty-much all AH all the time, but with varying degrees of success. and there was an adaption of the novel Fatherland that aired on HBO (or was it Showtime?), which depicted a world where the Germans had a better time of WW2.

Then, of course, there are TV show from alternate timelines:

Popular science fiction series which ran on NBC from 1969-75 starring Kent McCord as Adam-12, a clone who must hunt-down and stop the first eleven Adams who are dangerous psycopaths due to a flawed cloning process. He is aided in his mission by the streetwise lab technician who has befrinded him (Martin Milner). The final episode where Adam-12 finally meets his creator (portrayed by Jack Webb) never aired on television and was unseen until the series was released on DVD in 2003.

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