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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Selig could've done that. Personally I think what A-Rod did was way worse than what Pete Rose did.
Oh, good, the Pete Rose equivalency. It's the Godwin of steroids.

Pete Rose broke the one rule that is completely verboten in Major League Baseball, the rule that is in every single clubhouse, reminding everyone that there's a lifetime ban waiting in the wings for anyone who breaks it. Anybody who did what Rose did would get the same penalty. Steroids have a clearly defined 50 / 100 / "goodbye" policy, though due to the nature of this evidence they're basically handing down similar suspensions under a different rule since these guys are in a weird semi-discretionary area.

There's a huge gap between what Rose did and what A-Rod, Braun, et al., have done. More like a giant chasm.
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