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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

Mr. Bevan: I love the idea as either fanfic, e-novel or fan production. I'd love to assist. What is the name of this species?


I could see the Species you're talking about as one of the rivals of the Q, that has been angrily seething as a result of being "locked out" of the Milky Way but spent Millenia feeding on the neural energy of other mortal & long-lived species everywhere else they could reach near the tiny weak spot in the barrier.

A small salvaged NX-Era design rebuilt after the Dominion War (Neptune-Class freighter/transport) loaded with civilians arrive at an Alpha Quadrant Alliance colony with regularly scheduled replacement parts and service-personnel on duty-rotation to find no hailing signal, no colonists and things get weirder from there. Its like the biblical rapture, no bodies, no clothing or signs of a struggle. Its like everyone just got up & left in the middle of everything.

Having spent her life patroling an area between Pius III, (the nearest heap of compiled Romulan, Klingon, Dominion, Cardassian, Federation wrecks) & the colony, The Captain, 37 year old Janine Cox, virtually just a kid with older family members that have been training her in being self-sufficient on routine milk-runs. Securing cargo, mediating disputes between crew-persons, flying, dog-fighting / raider self-defense, & bandaging expected injuries. But nothing's prepared her for what's coming.
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