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Re: How do you feel about Torchwood Miracle Day

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What really pisses me off about the last two series is we haven't really seen any aliens, which really is what the whoniverse is all about.
Maybe that's what Doctor Who is about (and that's a debatable point), but it was never what Torchwood was about to my mind.

The most consistent theme throughout all four seasons of Torchwood was that whenever humans come into contact with alien people or technology or mysterioso, we manage to fuck it all up in spectacular fashion. Really, in every single case it brings out the very worst in us. The show was always about humans' reactions to this stuff, not the alien stuff itself.

As to topic, Miracle Day has some interesting concepts, but executed them rather clumsily. Its storylines either repeated earlier better-done material, went nowhere and were just abandoned, or made no sense in the first place.

It has some individual strong episodes - "Dead of Night" and "Immortal Sins" were both powerful stuff, interestingly both written by Jane Espenson. But the thing as a whole just didn't hold together.

That said, this was actually when I liked Gwen the best out of all of the series. She'd realized her full potential as a badass at this point, instead of being a neurotic mess or emotional nelly. And Jilly Kitzinger was a riot, even if her storyline had nothing to do with the rest of the show.

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