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Re: How do you feel about Torchwood Miracle Day

The thing about Children of Earth is that it's essentially two ideas: a run-of-the-mill Torchwood-fights-aliens thing, and an end-of-the-world political thriller. RTD bolted on the latter idea, which was a separate project that he'd had at the back of his mind for years, when he realized that the conventional storyline others were developing, which he hadn't been paying much attention to because he was thinking about the Who specials, didn't have a meaningful final act. In The Writer's Tale he even bemoans the fact that this big notion is being wasted on "a sci-fi spin-off thriller" (or words to that effect). So the part of Children of Earth that really works is foreign to Torchwood, which never quite found its own form. I haven't seen Miracle Day, because the response was so lukewarm and because I find mediocre Torchwood difficult to watch, but I don't think CoE ever "pointed the way forward" in the manner RTD once suggested it did.
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