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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x05 "The Bonding"

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If we're going to go down that road, then nobody has any right to their own property so long as somebody somewhere will benefit from stripping that property from them.
If only the crew had asked the Baku nicely about what kind of situation the galaxy is in and why the planet's rings could help bring this war to an end. Oh, wait. We can't ask the Baku because if we did, they might actually reconsider staying on their home world and help the galaxy, and their former colonists that they exiled a way to prevail. There would be no movie. Now you're probably thinking "But the Baku would probably decide against leaving" which would also create another problem. They would be seen as selfish, arrogant a**holes who want this immortal power all to themselves and are perfectly content with the prospect of the entire Alpha Quadrant being subjected to Dominion rule which would no doubt result in their eventual discovery of their home world by the Dominion, and I highly doubt the Dominion would care about the well being of 600 jerks.
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