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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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Star Trek ship registries don't make sense. They're not consecutive.
I fail to see why they shouldn't make sense just because they are not consecutive?
First two digits indicate design series (18 for Miranda Class, 19 for Soyuz Class, 20 for Excelsior Class), last two digits indicate contact code.

Contact codes are inherited by newer starships once the previous one has been destroyed or is considered permanently lost (NCC-1664 Excalibur > NCC-1764 Defiant > NCC-1864 Reliant).

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Constellation had registry of NCC-1017 and it's an obvious Connie.
Of course it's a Connie, because Connie is the 20th Century nickname for Constellation.

Regarding the registry I belong to the "school" that believes that Matt Decker's starship was named and numbered to commemorate the achievements of a previous starship with that name and number. YMMV.

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You cannot conclude things from registries.
Yes I can, at least in the 23rd Century. For whatever reasons the system was altered and/or modified in the late 23rd Century is a different story.

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